APEX 9-12 Remote Learning

Log-in Help


Username: Student initials+ 6 digit Student ID number

Password:  DPS123 (If you are new to APEX)

If the student has previously logged in and used APEX, the password will have akready been set by the student.

Site coordinators can manually reset passwords if needed.



John Smith has a student ID of JS123456 and has never logged in to APEX before.

Username: JS123456 

Password: DPS123         

Introduction to APEX

About APEX

APEX courses are standards-aligned and interactive. Students work on two classes at a time. Students must earn a minimum of 2.5 credits (5-semester classes) to move to the next grade level. When a class is finished, the next class starts.

Students work at their own pace through the modules. Students must finish 2-3 courses by April 30, the end of the third quarter, to be on track.
Students earn grades on quizzes, tests, and a final exam in each course. Grades are maintained in APEX only, not HAC. Students must complete the entire course and earn a 70% or higher in the course.

Site Coordinators

APEX Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to APEX?

1) First, you can get to the login screen in many ways.

2) Once at the login screen, you will input your student's username, which is their initials plus their 6 digit Student ID (or lunch ID/chromebook ID with the letters). 3) The student's password is DPS123 (If you are new to APEX) ​If the student has previously logged in and used APEX, the password will have already been set by the student.​ Site coordinators can manually reset passwords if needed.
If you have trouble logging in, please contact your site coordinator.

What are the APEX requirements for athletes to be able to participate in sports?

Athletes must be enrolled in five one-credit classes and meet eligibility requirements to play spring sports.

Will my student have support from a DPS teacher?

Students will have support from individual site coordinators and teachers assigned by the school. Belmont HS- Madeleine Beall, mmbeall@daytonpublic.com Ponitz- Lenard Lieber, lrlieber@daytonpublic.com Stivers- Tom Bray-Harris, tbrayhar@daytonpublic.com Dunbar/Thurgood- Dan Hinshaw, dhinshaw@daytonpublic.com Meadowdale- Dawn Kilby, dlkilby@daytonpublic.com APEX Coordinator Kyle Muntzinger,​ kmuntzi@daytonpublic.com

Will choosing remote learning unenroll my student from Dayton Public Schools?

This is a rumor. No. Your student will still be enrolled in Dayton Public Schools.

Do we need to pay for the remote learning software?

No. This will be provided for free.

Will graduations be delayed for those doing remote learning?

No. This is a rumor. Please be sure to get your information directly from the District. All students completing coursework remotely will graduate on time. Please stay tuned for graduation information.

Will remote learning students still receive meals?

Unfortunately, we will not have the capacity to serve meals to students who choose remote learning.

What about my senior's CTE, magnet, or other labs?

Students who choose the remote option may report to school for AP, CTE, and magnet classes. Grades 7/8 will participate in SchoolsPLP, grades 9-12 will do APEX for their other classes. Parents should contact the school to let the school know which classes they will attend.

Will we be using District Chromebooks to do remote learning?

Yes, you may keep and use District-provided Chromebooks or log in to SchoolsPLP/APEX via any device that can connect to the internet.

What time do my students need to log in?

The program is self-paced so families must set the schedule. Students must log in to every class, every day

What if my student has an IEP?

Students on an IEP will be assigned an intervention specialist that is a DPS teacher. Please contact your student's intervention specialist or reach out to the Office for Exceptional Children at (937) 542-3353.

Will remote learning students still follow the school district calendar?

Yes, all DPS students, in-person or remote, will still follow the District calendar. Students can still log in and do work during breaks and holidays if they wish.

How will students be expected to take state/MAP tests?

State/MAP tests will be given in person. Your school will call to schedule a testing time.

What if I have issues with my Chromebook or hotspot?

The IT Break-fix located at Ludlow will be open for Remote Learning Students Only on Tuesdays from 8-12 and Thursdays from 12:30-4:30. As always you can dial 937-542-3184 for IT help desk for Chromebook issues

Will students still have access to Google Classroom?

Students will still have access to all Google products within the District.