Frequently Asked Questions

The Dayton Public School District understands that parents may have additional questions about the Safe School Restart Plan. If your question is not answered here, please call 937-542-3011 and someone will assist you. 

Please stay tuned as questions and answers are being added as we receive them. Click the magnifying glass search icon below to search through questions.


What if I have a question about my student's specific high school program?

Please contact your school directly for questions specific to your student's high school: Belmont High School | 937-542-6460
David H. Ponitz Career Tech Center | 937-542-7180
Dunbar Early College High School | 937-542-6760
Meadowdale High School | 937-542-7030
Stivers School for the Arts (7-12) | 937-542-7380
Thurgood Marshall STEM High School | 937-542-6610

My student is on an IEP, what do I do?

For any questions, please contact the Office for Exceptional Children (937) 542-3353 or your student's Intervention Specialist.

Will my diploma have my school’s name when I graduate?

If the student remains enrolled through the end of the year at their school, their diploma will say their school name. If the student transfers to Mound Street, for example, their diploma will say Mound Street.

What if my child attends PreK or Rosa Parks?

PreK will only be in-person. We are so excited to be able to safely welcome our preschool students to school in March! After the unprecedented year we have had, it is more important than ever to set your preschool student up for success. Preschoolers will be attending in-person classes with preventative measures in place to keep all students and staff safe. We look forward to seeing your student in March. A specific start date will be shared as soon as possible, once the district has more information about when staff will be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Your child’s preschool teacher may be contacting you soon. If you have questions, please contact our enrollment office at 937-542-5555.

Will I be able to switch to remote or to in-person if I am not happy with my preference?

Families have the option to make one switch throughout the rest of the school year. Please contact your school directly to make this switch. If you switch from remote learning to in-person learning, it will take 3 days to fully integrate the student into the classroom and school building. For three days after informing the school of your change, your student must continue to log in for their online classes or they will be counted absent.

Will bus pick up and drop off be available at daycare/childcare centers.

No, buses will not be available to pick up/drop off to daycare/childcare centers.

Where can I get Transportation information?

Bus pick up and drop off will not be available at daycare/childcare centers. Please call Transportation at 937-542-4010 for your students bus information. DPS high school students will no longer have Limited-Service RTA routes, DPS RTA bus passes, or other DPS transportation. High schoolers may still take regular RTA routes to school. High schools receive 150 RTA bus passes each month to distribute to students in need, which students can get from their principals.

What are the school times for both Remote and In-Person?

School start times will be announced once we know what the transportation routes are. SchoolsPLP and APEX are self-paced, but students must log in to every class, every day.

Will the uniform policy still be in place?

Schools are going to maintain their uniform policies. Most will be able to support parents with the uniform lending closets that they have in place. However, it is understood by all that NO student will be excluded if they do not have a uniform. If you have questions please contact your principal.

What are the bell times?

The bell schedule for the March 1 return to in-person instruction is now available at Remote start times will be based upon the School PLP and APEX directives.


What grade levels are eligible for a hotspot?

Kindergarten through 12th grade students are eligible.

What is my child’s Username and Password?

Contact your student's school.

How do I set the language on my Chromebook?

Contact the Help Desk at 937-542-3184. A technician will make the change remotely.

What happens if the Chromebook or Hot Spot is not functioning properly or is damaged/lost/stolen?

Not functioning properly?
Contact the Help Desk at 937-542-3184

Damaged, lost, or stolen?
Contact your child’s school.

Will the content on the Chromebook be filtered?

Yes, the student’s content will be filtered with the same program normally used at
school. Students must also follow the District’s Acceptable Use Policy in the Student
Code of Conduct

What happens if I do not have internet access at home?

A hotspot can be requested by calling 937-542-3184. Parent/Guardian must sign to receive.

How do I login to the Chromebook?

Students will login to the Chromebooks in the same way as they do at school by
entering their username and password.

Where do I get a hot spot?

A hotspot can be requested by calling 937-542-3184.

How do I connect my hot spot?

Please see the guide here.

Why am I not receiving calls or messages from the District?

If you are not receiving calls, texts, or emails from the District, you must ensure your contact information is up-to-date in our student information system by calling your school's main office. You must be listed as the student's first or second guardian in order to receive calls. Other reasons you may not receive calls or messages:

  • Your voice mailbox could be full
  • You are in an area with no service
  • Your service provider has flagged DPS as spam. Please add 937-542-3000 to your safelist.
  • Check your spam folder for emails from or
If you are still having issues with notifications, please contact your school and we will troubleshoot the issue.

COVID-19 Safety

Should parents screen students for COVID-19 symptoms and take his/her temperature before school?

Yes. Students and staff must self-check temperatures prior to reporting to school. Parents who suspect their student may have COVID-19 are asked to keep the student home, consult a doctor, and inform school personnel if there is a confirmed diagnosis. Learn more about COVID-19 symptoms, testing, and when to stay home if you are sick. View the CDC's Symptom Self-Checker.

What safety measures will be in place at schools/other district buildings?

  • If a student has a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, he or she will be isolated and monitored by the school nurse until a parent arrives to pick them up.
  • Face coverings are required.
  • All desks will be at least three feet apart, in accordance with the safety requirements set forth by the Health Department.
  • All desks will be arranged in rows that face forward, and no small group pods or desks facing each other will be allowed.
  • Hallways and staircases will have one-way lanes, markings on the floor will help students maintain a six-foot distance from others, and signs throughout the building will encourage frequent, proper handwashing.
  • Movement outside of the classroom will be minimized to prevent students from passing others or congregating in the hallways.
  • At the elementary level, teachers will change classrooms rather than students. For music, art and physical education classes, movement in the halls will be limited to one class at a time.
  • The high school and middle schools will remain on their current schedules with clearly defined traffic patterns and rules for student engagement in the halls. High school students will remain on the 75 minute period schedule to minimize hall movement.
  • Lunch will be served in the cafeterias. However, plexiglass between seats has been installed. Students will be staggered in a seating pattern that follows distancing guidelines.
  • No visitors will be permitted in any school, with some exceptions.
  • Plexiglass will be installed in main offices to prevent contact between front desk workers and anyone entering the main office.
  • All buildings will identify a specific quarantine room.

Are face coverings required, and will they be provided by the school?

Students are reqiured to wear face masks. Face shields will only be permitted when students are seated and their desks and spaced six feet apart. Face shields will be provided by DPS, but we are asking that students bring their own masks. We have a limited supply for students who do not have masks available from home.

How will the mask policy be enforced?

Students are expected to follow the mask policy. However, teachers will provide mask breaks for students when it is safe to do so. Teachers will work with younger students who may have trouble keeping his or her mask on.

What safety measures will be in place in classrooms?

  • All desks will be at least three feet apart, in accordance with the safety requirements set forth by the Health Department.
  • All desks will be arranged in rows that face forward, and no small group pods or desks facing each other will be allowed.
  • All students will wear face coverings.
  • All teachers will wear face coverings.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in all classrooms.
  • Shared materials will be disinfected between uses.
  • Face shields provided by the district will be sanitized daily.
  • Classrooms will be cleaned and sanitized daily.

What safety measures will be in place on buses?

Each morning, parents should check their student’s temperature, and check for symptoms of COVID-19, before students get on a DPS bus or are dropped off at school. All students must wear face masks when moving or sitting on a bus. Buses will be loaded back to front, so that students being dropped off first are seated closest to the front. In the mornings, students being picked up first will be seated in the back. This will ensure students do not cross one another’s path while entering or exiting.

How frequently will buildings be cleaned and sanitized?

Each building will have a thorough cleaning and sanitation schedule. Areas such as bathrooms and cafeterias will be cleaned multiple times throughout the day, as will “hotspots” such as door knobs, railings and light switches. A deeper cleaning will take place when students are not present. Each building will open windows to allow fresh air to circulate when appropriate, which may take place before or after school. Students and staff must practice proper handwashing. Hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom.

What protocols must employees follow?

All employees currently have their temperatures taken and are screened for COVID-19 symptoms each day upon arrival. If an employee suspects COVID-19 prior to arriving at work, he or she is asked to stay home and contact his or her healthcare provider immediately. If an employee has a high temperature or symptoms upon arrival at the building, he or she must leave the building immediately and seek guidance from a healthcare provider. If an employee is positive for COVID-19, his or her workspace is shut down immediately and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. The district will contact the Montgomery County Department of health to facilitate contact tracing whenever there is a positive case of COVID-19. Anyone identified by the health department as being potentially exposed to the virus must quarantine and contact his or her healthcare provider for guidance. The employee cannot return to work until a doctor has released him or her to do so.

Will the district inform parents of positive COVID-19 cases?

Yes, parents will be notified of active cases in classrooms or buildings that may impact students or if the health department determines a classroom or building shutdown is needed via robocall and letter. Due to federal privacy laws, the district cannot release the names of individuals affected, but will provide all relevant details to parents because we feel it is our responsibility to do so. Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date with your school to receive information such as this.

Will schools allow visitors, volunteers, and meetings?

There are different levels of school visitors. The district has a no visitor policy however, student teacher supervisors, mental/behavioral health counselors, Central Office and operations staff all are the exception to this policy.

  • Visitors are generally discouraged from being in school district facilities.

  • Safety protocols such as taking temperatures will be implemented for all visitors.

  • All visitors will be required to wear face coverings.

  • No visitors will be allowed during lunch. In-person meetings must be pre-arranged by invitation or appointment only.

  • Meetings by phone or video conferencing are encouraged.

Remote Learning

What learning software will you be using for remote learning?

Remote learning will be a learning software provided by the Montgomery County Educational Service Center called SchoolsPLP. Learn more at Remote students will have access to an online coach to provide assistance on a weekly basis. Please note that this is a self-paced learning software and students will NOT be working with their DPS teachers for the remainder of the school year.

Remote learning for students in grades 9 - 12 will be APEX. APEX is a standards-aligned digital learning platform. Students work independently at their own pace through modules. A teacher manages the students' progress through each course. Students may enroll in multiple classes at a time or may enroll in a few classes at a time, finish them, and then move to new courses. A final grade for each course will appear on the student report card and transcript.
Parents will not have to pay.

If I choose remote learning, will I be allowed to participate in athletics?

Yes, but requirements for grades and attendance must be followed.

Why can’t remote students keep their same DPS teachers?

Dayton Public Schools teachers will be teaching in-person. We felt that splitting the time and attention of teachers between in-person and virtual students was not beneficial to both the students and the teachers.

Will graduations be delayed for those doing remote learning?

This is a rumor. Please be sure to get your information directly from the District. All students completing course work remotely will graduate on time.

Will my student have guidance from a teacher?

Remote students will have access to an online coach/mentor to provide assistance. APEX students will have a DPS site coordinator.

Will remote learning students still receive meals?

Unfortunately, we will not have the capacity to serve meals to students who choose remote learning.

Do we need to pay for the remote learning software?

No. This will be provided for free.

What about my senior's CTE, magnet, or other labs?

Students who choose the remote option may report to school for AP, CTE, and magnet classes. Grades 7/8 will participate in SchoolsPLP, grades 9-12 will do APEX for their other classes. Parents should contact the school to let the school know which classes they will attend.

Will choosing remote learning unenroll my student from Dayton Public Schools?

This is a rumor. No. Your student will still be enrolled in Dayton Public Schools.

Will we be using District Chromebooks to do remote learning?

Yes, you may keep and use District-provided chromebooks or log in to SchoolsPLP/APEX via any device that can connect to the internet.

What time do my students need to log in? How is attendance taken?

The program is self-paced so families must set the schedule. Students must log in to every class, every day. Attendance clerks are sent a report each morning from the remote learning program.

What if my student has an IEP?

Students on an IEP will be assigned an intervention specialist that is a DPS teacher. Please contact your student's intervention specialist or recah out to the Office for Exceptional Children at (937) 542-3353.

Will remote learning students still follow the school district calendar?

Yes, all DPS students, in-person or remote, will still follow the District calendar. Students can still log in and do work during breaks and holidays if they wish.

How will students be expected to take state/MAP tests?

State/MAP tests will be given in person. Your school will call to schedule a testing time.

What if I have issues with my Chromebook or hotspot?

The IT Break-fix located at Ludlow will be open for Remote Learning Students Only on Tuesdays from 8-12 and Thursdays from 12:30-4:30. As always you can dial 937-542-3184 for IT help desk for Chromebook issues

Will students still have access to Google Classroom?

Students will still have access to all Google products within the District.

I have questions specific to SchoolsPLP.

Please go here.

I have questions specific to APEX.

Please go here.