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Schools are Ready for a Safe Return

All schools are ready for students to safely return! Plexiglass, one-way staircases, and more-frequent cleaning and sanitizing are just a few of the changes the district has implemented to increase safety for students and staff. The video above will help prepare students for the changes they can expect to see.

When hybrid students return on Monday, safety measures will include:

  • Buses will be loaded back to front. In the mornings, students being picked up first will be seated in the back. This will ensure students do not cross one another’s path while entering or exiting.

  • All students and staff will have COVID-19 symptom and temperature checks upon arrival.

  • Face masks are required.

  • All desks will be at least six feet apart, in accordance with the safety requirements set forth by the Health Department.

  • All desks will be arranged in rows that face forward, and no small group pods or desks facing each other will be allowed.

  • Hallways and staircases will have one-way lanes, markings on the floor will help students maintain a six-foot distance from others, and signs throughout the building will encourage frequent, proper handwashing.

  • Movement outside of the classroom will be minimized to prevent students from passing others or congregating in the hallways.

  • Any shared classroom supplies will be sanitized between each use. 

  • At the elementary level, teachers will change classrooms rather than students. For music, art and physical education classes, movement in the halls will be limited to one class at a time.

  • High schools and middle schools will remain on their current schedules with clearly defined traffic patterns and rules for student engagement in the halls. High school students will remain on the 75 minute period schedule to minimize hall movement.

  • Lunch will be served in the cafeterias. Plexiglass has been installed between each seat for added safety. Students will be staggered in a seating pattern that follows distancing guidelines.

  • No visitors will be permitted in any school.

  • Plexiglass has been installed in main offices to prevent contact between front desk workers and anyone entering the office.

  • Each building will have a thorough cleaning and sanitation schedule. Areas such as bathrooms and cafeterias will be cleaned multiple times throughout the day, as will “hotspots” such as doorknobs, railings and light switches. A deeper cleaning will take place when students are not present.

  • Each building will open windows to allow fresh air to circulate when appropriate, which may take place before or after school.

  • For more information about safety measures, click here


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