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Student Meal Delivery Update

Updated: Feb 3

Meal Delivery Update

To accommodate food delivery needs, all families are receiving 2 days' worth of meals today (February 2).

Half of families will then be receiving meals Thursday to cover Friday through Sunday. These families will get another delivery on Monday. The other half of families will receive meals Friday to cover Friday through Monday. These families will get another delivery on Tuesday.

Moving forward, families will continue to receive meals on the same delivery day of either Monday or Tuesday and will receive 3 days' worth of meals. Additional deliveries will occur on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday to cover the remainder of the week, including weekend grocery items. As previously shared, families will receive 2 deliveries per week, but will still receive 5 days' worth of food and weekend grocery items.


Beginning the week of February 8th, students signed up for meal delivery will receive deliveries two times per week instead of every day. Households will get deliveries on Monday or Tuesday, and again on either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Students will continue to receive the same number of meals per week, and moving forward delivery days will be the same as the week of Feb 8th. This change is being made to ensure the district can meet all meal delivery needs.

  • Sign-ups for meal delivery are now closed for the time being.

  • Please contact Nutrition Services at 937-542-3950 if you have any questions.

  • ​All deliveries will be contactless to ensure the safety of drivers and families. Meals will be left on doorsteps, or on a table or chair if one is provided. If you would like your meals left somewhere else, please leave a note taped to your front door.

  • Please secure your pet during meal delivery times for the safety of our drivers. If your pet is not secure, delivery will not occur.

  • Not receiving meals? Please call Transportation at 937-542-4010.


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