SchoolsPLP K-8 Remote Learning

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Username: Student 6 digit Student ID number

Password:  Date of Birth (MM-DD-YYYY)



John Smith has a student ID of 123456 and a date of birth of 02/02/1965

Username: 123456           

Password: 02-02-1965

About SchoolsPLP


DPS students in grades K-8 who opted for remote learning will use a FREE platform called SchoolsPLP for the remainder of the year. SchoolsPLP is a technology-based learning software in which students will log in daily to complete modules and assignments.


The program is self-paced, but students are expected to work on it daily. There are also tests and quizzes for students to complete periodically. 


Students will learn and complete assignments on their own, NOT with a DPS teacher. However, SchoolsPLP does provide a teacher to answer content-related questions and a mentor to assist with technology.


Students and parents will be able to check progress at any time by logging into the platform. Each student will have a unique login.




Frequently Asked Questions

What languages are supported by SchoolsPLP?

View the languages supported for text translation here.

How do I log in to SchoolsPLP?

1) First, you can get to the login screen in many ways.

2) Once at the login screen, you will input your student's username, which is their 6 digit Student ID (or lunch ID/chromebook ID without the numbers). 3) The student's password is their date of birth with dashes in the following format. (MM-DD-YYYY)
If you have trouble logging in, please contact Christopher Perkins.

Will we be using District Chromebooks to do remote learning?

Yes, you may keep and use District-provided chromebooks or log in to SchoolsPLP via any device that can connect to the internet.

What time do my students need to log in?

The program is self-paced so families must set the schedule. Students must log in to every class, every day.

How much work will students have each day?

Each subject area can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour daily.

What if my student has an IEP?

Students on an IEP will be assigned an intervention specialist that is a DPS teacher. Please contact your student's intervention specialist or reach out to the Office for Exceptional Children at (937) 542-3353.

Will students need textbooks?

No books are needed. The program has everything they will need.

Will elementary students be expected to do all four subjects?

Yes, the program has all four core subjects that in-person students are also learning. Those subjects are math, language arts, science, and social studies. Art and gym will not be available.

What if my child has questions about the work?

Students should first go to their SchoolsPLP mentor provided to them within the platform.

What grade does SchoolsPLP serve?

SchoolsPLP is for K-8.

Will my student still be required to do MindPlay and SuccessMaker?

MindPlay and SuccessMaker will not be required.

Can my child work ahead? What if they finish all of their work early?

Yes, your child may work ahead. If students complete their work early, they will not take additional classes.

Will remote learning students still follow the school district calendar?

Yes, all DPS students, in-person or remote, will still follow the District calendar. Students can still log in and do work during breaks and holidays if they wish.

Will foreign languages be offered for students taking foreign languages?

Yes, foreign languages are offered for students taking a foreign language class.

How will students be expected to take state/MAP tests?

State/MAP tests will be given in person. Your school will call to schedule a testing time.

What if I have issues with my Chromebook or hotspot?

The IT Break-fix located at Ludlow will be open for Remote Learning Students Only on Tuesdays from 8-12 and Thursdays from 12:30-4:30. As always you can dial 937-542-3184 for IT help desk for Chromebook issues

Will students still have access to Google Classroom?

Students will still have access to all Google products within the District.

What about my high school student?

High school students will not use SchoolsPLP. High school students will use APEX.

If I choose remote learning, will I be allowed to participate in athletics?

Yes, but requirements for grades and attendance must be followed.

Do we need to pay for the remote learning software?

No. This is provided for free.

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